Asset Advisory Services


Asset Advisory Services


Our worlds are getting more complex. 

Owners and asset managers are under constant pressure to deliver greater results in less time and challenging market conditions. Here's how Colliers Asset Advisory Services can simplify your work and help you create value, whether it be for a single asset or a portfolio of assets:

1. Single point of accountability.
2. We recommend and execute on asset strategies.
3. A platform to make portfolio management easier.

4. Proven performance.
5. No additional fees.

Watch this short video for a quick overview of Asset Advisory Services:


Single point of accountability.

Get access to what you need, when you need it through your dedicated account lead. As your needs change, our services are fully flexible. Add or remove services, expertise, and geographies so that you always have the right people on the team, performing to your expectations.

Your account lead is responsible for the collective performance of the entire team, whether your services include property management, leasing, investment, project management, valuations, or tax advisory.


We recommend and execute on asset strategies.

Whether it's a single asset or group of assets, our team spends as much time as necessary working together to come up with creative, thoroughly researched solutions that will get you to your goals faster.

Once you have decided on a direction, our entire team of specialized experts remains accountable for the delivery of the solution. Your account lead coordinates among all of the services, resolving issues and keeping the team focused on execution. This is where we excel to bring you results.



A platform to make portfolio management easier.

Asset Advisory Services is designed to achieve the best results out of a single asset or a portfolio of assets. However, we understand that portfolios have their own complex needs and we've developed a platform to support our owner and asset manager clients.

With internal lease deal flow management, portfolio-level financial reporting, risk management, leading market intelligence and more, we are focused on bringing you speed, consistency, and the very best insights to inform your decision making. 


Proven performance.

With 173 assets across Canada from 11 existing Asset Advisory Services clients, the majority of whom have been with us for an average of 9 years and counting, we have worked hard to continuously raise the bar and add value.

Once we understand your goals and have a plan in place, we regularly set and measure key performance metrics that are dependent on the collective team. As a focused group, we can achieve results that are better than market.


No additional fees.

There are no additional fees for Asset Advisory Services. No fine print.

Your dedicated account lead is included as a part of our service offering. Our fees are structured to drive performance of the team as a whole, bringing you exceptional asset performance.

Each service that you require is charged at market rates, whether that is leasing, property management, project management, valuations, or tax advisory.


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